Borges - Walnut drink

What does walnut drink taste like? Given that we don’t usually eat the same meal every day, why should we always drink the same thing? A great way of looking after yourself is to make sure you eat and drink

Borges - Healthy and veggie breakfast

Healthy and veggie breakfast The beginning of the year is usually accompanied by new challenges and good resolutions. One of them could be to reduce the consumption of food of animal origin and increase those of vegetable origin. Try eating

Borges - The best pasta sauces

The best pasta sauces Christmas has come and gone, and suddenly you no longer feel like eating at all hours of the day like there’s no tomorrow. It’s time to tighten the purse strings and get back to normal with

Borges - dieta mas saludable

The secret to a healthy diet Extra virgin olive oil is part of almost all formulas that have to do with a healthy diet. It is the king, the champion, the benchmark. And among its culinary applications, one of the

Borges - back in shape after the Christmas
Borges - Christmas leftovers
Borges - healthy Christmas salad

A healthy Christmas salad Here’s a little secret for a lighter, healthier Christmas menu: go green with this healthy Christmas salad. You don’t have to wave goodbye to your lamb, turkey, seafood and other showstopper recipes that are usually at

Borges - Aperitivo

A tasty, healthy and easy appetiser for any party All those hours scratching your head trying to come up with impressive appetisers with fancy ingredients and you had the solution there all the time right under your nose. Quick, easy,

Borges - Evoo

EVOO, liquid gold in your kitchen You might not know it, but you’ve probably got something worth its weight in gold in your kitchen cupboard: extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). We all agree that good health is more important than material

Borges - Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese variations Mac and Cheese, the star of any children’s menu (and some adults, as well). Who can resist this tasty dish? This much-loved recipe is popular the world over, above all in the United States, where mac&cheese