Borges - Grapeseed oil tip

Grapeseed oil: the king of high temperatures One of the many wonders of grapeseed oil is its high smoke point, the temperature at which an oil starts to produce smoke. If heated beyond this point, it becomes flammable and will

Borges - Grape seeds

Grapeseed oil can change your life Grape seeds work wonders for your health and beauty. Not only can you eat this hidden treasure inside each and every grape, but it can also be turned into oil, capsules and extract and

Borges - Cakepops
Borges - ahorrar
Wraps - key to not wasting food

Wrap it! The ultimate key to not wasting food at home Stop wasting food at home. Wraps are ideal for using up leftovers and giving a new life to anything you didn’t manage to finish yesterday. Depending on the ingredients,

Borges - Green smoothies with olive oil

Green smoothies with extra-virgin olive oil Green smoothies have landed with a bang and are here to stay. Whether they’re in vogue, part of the detox frenzy, make us feel we’re taking good care of ourselves or simply because we

conservar las fresas - keep strawberries longer

How to keep strawberries for longer How to keep strawberries in the fridge for longer? Arrange the strawberries on a flat dish with enough room between them so they’re not touching. Then cover with pierced clingfilm and put them in

Borges - Aromatic olive oils

Five dressings with aromatic olive oil for your spring salads Do you like salads but want to spruce them up a bit? Are you fed up with the same old recipes? If so, read on. These five salad dressings with

Borges - spaghetti al dente

A neat way to find out when your spaghetti are al dente Throwing your spaghetti against the wall tiles might well be a fun way to find out of you’ve cooked spaghetti al dente, but it’s not very effective. And

Borges - tunea bocadillos - jazz up your sandwiches

Jazz up your sandwiches: ideas for giving them a fresh twist Does the idea of eating sandwiches fill you with dread? That’s because you’re thinking of a boring old sandwich with greasy ham and hard cheese. But why not let