Borges - Pasta

Pasta is your best ally There’s no end of good reasons to eat pasta. Rich in fibre and with a low glycemic index, it helps you keep in shape and fight off hunger pangs between meals. Healthy eating was never

Borges - Walnut drink

How is walnut drink made? Borges walnut drink is a plant-based wonder that is not only ideal for coeliacs and people who are lactose intolerant but is also a healthy everyday option for anyone and everyone. How is it made?

Borges - plant-based drinks

How many nuts does it take to make our plant-based drinks? Don’t be fooled into thinking that all nut drinks are the same. Some barely contain any nuts at all and are mostly additives, including added sugars. Luckily, Borges Natura

Borges - Mediterranean diet

Why is the Mediterranean diet rated top in the world The Mediterranean diet is far more than eating nutritious food. It’s a whole lifestyle based on healthy, balanced eating that uses traditional products in age-old recipes. What more could you

Borges - Olive oil

The perfect olive oil for every day! Each and every Borges olive oil has been carefully crafted with particular needs in mind. Whether you’re enjoying olive oil raw or for cooking, no kitchen cupboard should be without it. Find out

Borges - Recipes with apple cider vinegar

Sweet recipes with apple cider vinegar Recipes with apple cider vinegar? Take your favourite sweet recipes to the next level simply by adding a dash of cider vinegar… Try out these handy hints and see for yourself. Irresistible! 1. Make

Borges - Nuts and olive oil can fight aging

Nuts and olive oil can fight aging When it comes to fight aging, we’re usually only thinking about our skin, rather than cellular ageing, which affects all our organs. Well, forget about exorbitantly priced anti-ageing creams or invasive treatments that

Borges - Improve your diet in one step with extra virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil: improve your diet in one step What? In just one step? Can it be true? Well, yes, it most certainly is. Extra-virgin olive oil can change your life and improve your diet no end. How? Here are

Borges - Olive oil

What kinds of olive oil can you find out there? Olive oil is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet and a true gastronomic gem. Whether raw (in dressings, preserves or emulsions, among others) or in cooking (for sautéing,

Borges - Walnut drink

What does walnut drink taste like? Given that we don’t usually eat the same meal every day, why should we always drink the same thing? A great way of looking after yourself is to make sure you eat and drink