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Borges – Some tips to prepare tempura How to prepare tempura? Tempura is a light batter. Some recipes use special kinds of flour, while others simply use two ingredients, like one of our recipes (Fried courgette sticks with cheese dip).

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New recipes for packed lunch Recipes for packed lunch doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. Why not try updating your recipe book for your lunch box and leaving your office coworkers speechless? You’ll see how you set a trend

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Potatoes: the perfect garnish Monalisa and Agata potatoes work wonders with any recipe. You can bake them whole and serve with a wide range of sauces, such as barbecue, yogurt or herb sauce. Potatoes make a great garnish that never

Borges - catalan tomato bread - pan con tomate

Ten secrets for the perfect Catalan tomato bread Tomato bread? This simple typical Catalan dish (known in Catalan as pa amb tomàquet) has won fans all over Spain and further afield. It makes a great informal cold supper, improvised afternoon

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A thousand and one ways to marinate chicken How to to marinate chicken? For really tasty chicken, always add a good dash of lemon juice. Before frying some chicken breasts in a frying pan, for example, marinate them overnight in

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Borges - icing

The best part of cakes? The icing! Do you want to turn an ordinary cake into a cake to remember? Beat 100 g of softened butter into 200 g of cream cheese and 100 g of sugar. Add a little vanilla powder and

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Borges – Extra virgin olive oil for children It’s a bit hard to get your children to eat well, isn’t it? Aren’t the battles before every lunch and dinner exhausting? Do you try to impose your criteria because you’re out

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