Borges - afternoon snack - multicolored bowl

Afternoon snack: multicolored bowl! Say goodbye to boring sandwiches and make way for a multicolored bowl of fun! Afternoon snack will never be the same again. Bring on the bowl! Ingredients: * ½ banana sliced into rounds * 4 strawberries

Borges - Walnut drink

Borges – How good walnut drink is? Walnut drink is packed with so much goodness that we could write a whole book about it. Here are its top 10 wonders. A glass of this drink contains no fewer than five

Borges - Garlic olive oil

Four dishes where Garlic olive oil makes all the difference The unmistakeable hint of garlic in Borges Garlic olive oil will turn some of your recipes into unforgettable dishes. Here are some suggestions: Do you like roast meat? It’s high

Borges - Aceite

One olive oil for every occasion Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you which olive oil to use. There’s one olive oil for every occasion: salads, desserts go weak at the knees… No-holds-barred salad If you’re the salad

Borges - Easter

Get the pantry ready for Easter Some ingredients are essential throughout the year, but during Easter even more. Extra virgin olive oil In sauces, in vinaigrettes, on bread… This miraculous liquid will brighten up any dish and is essential in

Borges - healthy snack - chia pudding

Create your own healthy snack in 15 minutes: chia pudding! Create your own healthy snack in 15 minutes: chia pudding! It’s time to say goodbye to apples. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but how about creating your own

Borges - best sauces made with olive oil

The best sauces made with extra-virgin olive oil There’s no end of mouthwatering sauces! Mayonnaise. Extra-virgin olive oil, eggs and some good wrist action. It’s not often you get something this delicious so quickly. Chimichurri. Chilli, pepper, garlic, lemon and oregano team

Borges - Nuts Vinaigrette

Nuts vinaigrette, all you need for any salad So, you’ve opened the fridge and found a lettuce, some tomatoes, some goat’s cheese and maybe some radishes and a carrot or two. Well, you’re in luck! All you need now is

Borges - Vegetable drink with coffee

Tea or coffee with vegetable drink? Have you tried tea or coffee with vegetable drink? In smoothies, combined with fruits and vegetables, with a little cocoa or just fresh from the fridge… Vegetable drinks offer multiple possibilities; so many that

Borges - Vegetable drinks

The vegetable drinks boom. Why do we like them so much? Vegetable drinks are fashionable. In recent years their consumption has increased to the point that four out of ten Spanish households incorporate these drinks into their diets. To know