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Borges Natura - Beat the heat with nut drinks

Beat the heat with nut drinks… and whatever you fancy! If the scorching sun shows no sign of letting up, it’s vital to keep yourself well hydrated. Besides water, there are also several other natural, tasty options for quenching your thirst and

Borges - verduras con pasta

Five vegetables go with pasta It’s true that pasta goes well with almost anything, but it’s often that case that we’re not quite sure what to do with our tantalising penne or fusilli beyond our handful of trusty recipes. When

Borges - Tupper pasta

The perfect packed lunch: tasty pasta to go! If you take a packed lunch to work every day, read on. Here are some ideas to liven up your recipes with some delicious recipes for pasta to go! Fusilli with basil

Borges - Olive oil better than butter

Why is olive oil better than butter? Here we go with the same old question that keeps cropping up again and again: is olive oil really better than butter for cooking? Is it not clear yet? We’are spelling it out

Borges Extra virgin olive oil - healthy diet

Extra virgin olive oil, the key ingredient for a healthy diet You, who insist on leading a healthy diet, who does exercise, who tries to eat well, who even drinks those organic, eco or whatever you want to call them

Borges - Borges Natura nut drink

Which nut drink should I choose? So, it’s teatime but you’re not sure what to drink… You fancy something healthy and delicious, but you find cow’s milk makes you feel bloated and drowsy. Don’t worry! Borges plant-based drinks is ideal

Borges - Breakfast

A winning breakfast: vegetable omelette and plant-based drink Nutritional experts have a clear message for us: breakfasts needn’t be boring. None of us eats the same thing for lunch, dinner or afternoon snack every day, so why on earth do

Borges - extra-virgin olive oil so healthy

Why is extra-virgin olive oil so healthy? You know extra-virgin olive oil is healthy, but… Let’s start with another question: isn’t it true that any fruit juice is healthy? Well, it’s exactly the same with olive juice. This cold-pressed liquid