Borges - Evoo

EVOO, liquid gold in your kitchen You might not know it, but you’ve probably got something worth its weight in gold in your kitchen cupboard: extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). We all agree that good health is more important than material

Borges - Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese variations Mac and Cheese, the star of any children’s menu (and some adults, as well). Who can resist this tasty dish? This much-loved recipe is popular the world over, above all in the United States, where mac&cheese

Borges - Bebida de nuez

Walnut drink for sporties any time of day Before or after sport, a glass of walnut drink is always welcome. Are you one of those who heads for the gym first thing in the morning and don’t feel like much

Borges - Aprovechar pasta

Make the most of yesterday pasta Reheating pasta has never been easy: nobody wants to see yesterday’s delicious meal turn into a sticky mess. But here’s a neat trick to make the most of yesterday pasta Heat up the pasta

Borges - extra virgin olive oil

What does extra-virgin olive oil really mean? We all know that extra-virgin olive oil, aka EVOO, is the very best olive oil on the market, but not many people know exactly what that means. Well, this unrefined oil is made

Borges - Three classic pasta recipes

Three classic pasta recipes It’s hard to beat the simple classics. They never lose their charm and can be just the thing when you’re in a tight spot. As in life, less is often more in the kitchen too. Like

Borges - Sweet and healthy Halloween recipes

Sweet and healthy Halloween recipes You can have delicious food without the need for lots of sugar or any other unhealthy additives. By way of proof, here are three terrifying tasty and healthy Halloween recipes: Cobweb pancakes. Make some traditional

Borges - scary recipes for halloween

Healthy and scary recipes for Halloween Looking for scary recipes for Halloween table? Here are some terrifyingly delicious dishes. Pumpkin with guacamole. Hollow out the pumpkin in time-honoured fashion (if you’re feeling lazy, just buy a round pumpkin and draw

Borges - Healthy nibbles for all the family

Healthy nibbles for all the family Throw together a range of tasty and healthy nibbles to thrill young and old alike. Simply follow these simple tips! Vegetable pasta salad, of course. Add raw vegetables left, right and centre: cucumber, radishes,

Borges - top ingredient in your kitchen - extra virgin olive oil

The top ingredient in your kitchen: extra virgin olive oil Yes! Extra-virgin olive oil is the No. 1 ingredient because you can use it for all these things (and many more besides): Drizzle it over salads as a basic dressing. Or