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Borges tip: Put some cucumbers in your diet Whenever they’re in season, make sure you eat plenty of cucumbers. These diuretics are packed with vitamins and fibre yet low in calories, because they are 90% water. Chop them up finely

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Borges – Nutritional and gastronomic benefits of aromatic olive oils Aromatic olive oils are the source of many pleasures…. Here are fifteen to get you going. 1- They can change the flavour and personality of a dish completely. A vinaigrette

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Borges tip – A touch of… spice! As we said before, herb-flavoured olive oil is a highly versatile addition to your kitchen cupboard: you can use it as a salad dressing and on potatoes, meat, fish, etc. But if you

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Borges – Afraid of eating pasta for dinner? Don’t worry! If there’s one thing we ought to get clear about food it’s that there’s no place for feeling guilty—life’s too short for that! So don’t worry about that dusting of

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Vegan quiche – Vegetables are the answer Once you know how to make a vegan quiche with our walnut drink (check this purple quiche!) , you can try out different vegetable fillings. Red cabbage is great because it adds lots