Borges - Quinua

Do you know how to cook quinoa? Jot down these top tips! Quinoa is an ancient seed from the Andes packed with nutrients, which makes it a superfood! And since it contains no gluten, it can be eaten by coeliacs

Borges - Barbacoa saludable

Did you hear about the healthy barbecue? Ah, barbecues… A barbecue is more than just a barbecue: it’s about enjoying good weather with family and friends, sharing a lovely spring day with your nearest and dearest… together with a groaning

Borges - fruta

Fruit’s best friends If you want to give a fresh twist to fruit, drench it with a mixture of lemon (or lime) juice, honey and 3 soupspoonfuls of rum. In summer it’s a good idea to put fruit salad in

Borges - original Breakfasts with walnut drink

Simple and original breakfasts for springtime It’s time to say goodbye to breakfasts of buttered toast, marmalade, cereal and biscuits. When the first (and key) meal of the day starts to get boring, give it a fresh twist by trying

Borges - Broccoli soup - crema de brocoli

Make a tasty creamy broccoli soup with leftover stalks Don’t throw any broccoli away! Broccoli is packed with carbohydrates, calcium, iron and lots of Group B vitamins, as well as vitamins K and A. And on top of that it’s

Borges - One-pot

One-pot recipes, and forget about the washing-up! For many, many people, the worst thing about cooking is the mess left behind in the kitchen and the mountain of dishes that pile up in the sink, even when making a simple

Borges - salsa romesco sauce

Tips for the best romesco sauce Romesco sauce is a very typical Catalan sauce, which always makes an appearance whenever and wherever calçots are served, works wonders with lots of dishes, especially fish. It is made in the style of

Borges - Tapas

Three tasty tapas with extra-virgin olive oil Tasty tapas! Irresistible tapas! Healthy tapas! Yum! Tapas are the perfect thing for homemade appetisers, snacks for watching the game, starters for demanding guests or simply for brightening up your dining table any

Bogres - Chocolate Easter

How to use up leftover chocolate after Easter Easter is a time of year when you can take a (quick) breath and finally welcome the end of winter. Not to mention the eagerly awaited opportunity for young and old alike

Borges - Easter traditions