Borges - Lemon cheesecake
Borges - Farfalle with spinach and mushrooms
Borges - Refreshing zucchini salad

Tasty and healthy zucchini salad zucchini salad – ingredients: 1 zucchini ½ cucumber 1 carrot 5½ oz fresh cheese 12 multicoloured cherry tomatoes Handful of walnuts Fresh mint leaves Borges extra-virgin olive oil Wash the zucchini and cucumber and peel the

Borges - Summer salad
Borges - perfect burger

The perfect burger If you’re looking for the perfect burger, add a dash of extra-virgin olive oil and let your taste buds explode. Perfect burger – ingredients: 2 150 g beef burgers 2 round burger buns 2 slices of bacon

Borges - Potato salad

potato salad potato salad – ingredients: 1 kg potatoes 1 onion 1 green bell pepper 1 red bell pepper 60 g Borges green olives 200 g canned tuna 4 eggs For the sauce: 200 ml Borges almond drink 2 tbsp

Borges - Watermelon popsicle

Watermelon popsicles Watermelon popsicles – ingredients: 50 g sugar (or other sweetener, such as date paste, xylitol, or panela) 200 g watermelon ½ lemon 80 ml walnut drink Borges Natura (or 40 ml water and 40ml walnut drink) Cut the

Borges - summer pie

Light and easy leek pie Light and easy leek pie – ingredients: 6 medium leeks 300 ml egg whites 2 eggs 200 ml Borges Natura almond drink 180 g grated Gruyère cheese (or similar) 2 spoonfuls of flour A pinch of oregano Preheat

Borges - Pasta with tomato and cashew nuts

Pasta with tomato and nuts Pasta with tomato and nuts – ingredients: 400 g penne Borges 300 g pureed fresh tomato 2 soupspoonfuls of Borges extra-virgin olive oil 100 g Borges cashew nuts 8 fresh basil leaves Boil the pasta

Borges - Family yogurt and walnut cake

Easy yogurt and walnut cake Easy yogurt and walnut cake – ingredients: 2 low-sugar natural yogurts 4 large eggs 150 g Borges extra light olive oil 100 g walnuts 500 ml Borges Natura walnut drink 250 g flour 200 g